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VIR MDF, from the house of Rushil Décor, is a new age product, a great alternative to solid wood and plywood. It is a favorite of OEM's, SCP's and conventional wood furniture manufacturers across India. The range includes MDF Boards & Pre-laminated Decorative MDF Panel Boards.


The wood fiber sheets are bonded under heat and high pressure using thermosetting resins which results in uniform and packed fiber distribution in the board. The plantation-based wood of eucalyptus and silver oaks are processed in the state-of-the art manufacturing facilities with the latest German technology which makes VIR MDF the perfect choice for office-home furniture, shop fitments, exhibition displays, wall paneling, and high gloss digital printing laminated board, architectural mouldings and much more.

VIR MDF is also available in exterior grade with advance-formulated resin. It is recommended for exterior application where the panel is exposed to moisture and high humidity.

VIR Pre-laminated MDF boards are made by compressing decorative melamine-impregnated paper onto MDF boards under controlled heat and pressure. Available in various finishes, sizes and designs that enhance the interiors of homes and working spaces, they offer a wide range of shades, in both solid and wood grain textures, rendered by specialized imported décor paper from Europe, Japan and other countries with uniform glue absorption properties.

Thickness available: 7.5mm and 17mm .
Sizes available: 8ft x 4ft.


VIR Pre-lam Boards are widely used in homes, offices and commercial spaces for different interior and exterior decor applications.

  • Vir pre-lam is created in ultra-modern facilities
  • These boards are resistant to moisture
  • They are Termite, Borer and Fungus Resistant
  • Vir pre-lam boards are fade resistant which gives the texture a sharp look
  • These boards are easy to clean.
  • They are environment friendly.
  • Vir MDF and Pre –lam MDF boards are ISI certified products.


* The samples shown here are only indicative of the colour / décor patterns and textures available.
* Shades, Sizes and Thickness which are not readily available will require a minimum time of 15 to 20 days from the date of placing the order.